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This is obviously not an ideal situation. I can’t nutmeg anyone for at least 8 months. But I’ll get through it and come back stronger and better,” said Weimer. “I’ve had an incredible support group so far with the Spirit organization and especially my teammates and Mark. I’m looking forward to being the Spirit’s biggest fan in 2014 and joining them in 2015.

- Tiffany Weimer on her injury (X)

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NWSL reacts to NYT


Fantastic piece written by Meg Linehan about what’s next for the NWSL




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lmao (x)

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Let’s talk about that second goal for the Spirit on Saturday!

So I was at the game, and I remember thinking I loved everything about the goal, from the lead-up to Matheson’s shot.

SO, I rewatched it, and broke it down. Then I figured I’d put it on here to share my excitement with all of you to  maybe get you excited with how I hope this season continues to go. It all started with a free kick for Kansas City in their half. Here’s how it shook out.

Game clock: 36:56

-Holiday launches the ball towards the Spirit penalty box

-Robin Gayle knocks the ball down and sends it to Christine Nairn’s feet.

-Nairn takes 2 touches then passes to Lori Lindsey on the right side of the field.

-Lindsey takes one touch then passes to Diana Matheson.

-Matheson takes a heavy touch, hits some KC traffic, and passes it back to Ali Krieger.

-Krieger one times it to Nairn.

-Nairn has space, settles the ball, then switches the field (AND USES THE WIDTH) with a long pass to Gayle on the left side of the field.

-Gayle takes 3 or 4 touches then passes to Crystal Dunn.

-Dunn is immediately swarmed by 4 KC players. While she manages to dribble through them, she takes a heavy touch on the ball.

-A wild Matheson appears and one times a right footed shot at goal.

GOAL! Game clock: 37:24

28 seconds, 7 passes (8 if you count Dunn’s touch that Matheson jumped on), 1 golazo.


if you boo an injured player please do it loudly so i know who’s fucking mouth to knock the teeth out of

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Mixing a little American with the Greek. Easter is my favorite.

Mixing a little American with the Greek. Easter is my favorite.

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Matheson goal 2-1